Dear Men,

We need you. Please rise. 

We need you to rise into your healthy masculine energy. 

The divine masculine energy. 

The masculine energy that naturally is drawn to protecting and holding the divine feminine, like the riverbanks hold the river. We need to flow.

 And it is us, the bearer of the divine feminine, that will heal this world into the new world. It is us, the carriers of the precious, life giving, nurturing, and healing feminine that will transform this world out of pain, sorrow, and aridness into one of love, creativity, and beauty.

 The world has been parched as there were no rivers flowing, for a long time now. Hundreds, thousands of years. The rivers have run dry because there weren’t any riverbanks.

 Please rise. We need you. We need you desperately and we need you now. There is no time to waste. The feminine who thinks she can do it on her own is still trapped in the illusion. A strong suit she knitted for herself to survive the patriarchy.

 The feminine and masculine are only as powerful as they are together. One without the other is nothing. Only destruction and pain.

 We need you. Please rise. Men, please rise. We are all in dire need for deep healing and change. The world is in a deep need for healing and change. Everything is shaking and rattling. Clearly, the old no longer works. It won’t ever fit again.

 The only way is the way forward. And we need you, to hold the river firmly so it can flow. In its bounty, nourishing all that she touches, delighting it, loving it, suffusing it with light and wonder. The wonder that is life.

 We need you to rise. Please rise. Men. Please rise. We need you. This is not a time to sit idle and twiddle your fingers. Watching us to clean up the mess. We can’t do it without you. And without us, there is no future.

 Please men, please rise.

 We need you to hold firm, so we can soften ever more. Because softening is what all needs right now. Softening. Rearranging. Complete transformation is in store. And we need you men, please, rise, and hold us strong.

 And if you are a woman, getting upset that someone suggest a man is needed. Then well, get over it and wake up. We, the ladies, had to become strong. Men like. Masculine. Independent and such allowed us to be taken over by what is not ours to carry.

 We are strong, of course we are. But in how deep we flow, in how soft we flow, in how bright we flow. We need to remember our strength, that strength. The one of the tremendous flow. The river that covers miles and miles of land with fertile silt. The river that carries the salmon, the trout, and the bubbles of joy.

 Men. Please. Rise. We need you now.

 We need you to reach deep, into the depth of your heart and choose the long-lost love, from deep within. And make that your goal. Make that your purpose. Make that your straight line to go for. Or else, we shall perish.

 Men. Please men. Please, rise. Please.

 Thank you. Rosine