Amber had no idea how her life was going to turn around in a heart-beat.

She had been married for 25 years, painful and long ones they were.

Her husband kept her at bay, pushing her away every time she attempted to reach him again, in some new way.

She had tried it all, read it all, and nothing worked. The distance ate her up, with a great appetite. But what she didn’t know is why her husband, who once loved her so dearly, treated her like she was some mean force in his life, robbing him of his freedom and joy.

In a relationship reading (to which of course he consented) I shared with her that many many lifetimes ago, he had incarnated as a woman, and was married off by her family as a child bride. Once she entered matrimony, she might as well have been her husband’s slave. Hard work, nonstop, accompanied by sever physical, mental and emotional abuse. A life of pure misery.

The deep deep wounds settled into the consciousness of this young wife, who now is Amber’s husband. This terrifying experienced crystallized into beliefs and ways of being that became so deeply integrated into what life is all about, such that he no longer could distinguish what is real and what is not.

When they got married, he truly loved her. But as the first challenges arose, these old patterns snuck up on him and took over, without him even noticing. He was driven and informed by these ancient hurts and beliefs, ruining the love that was right in front of him.

Amber was flooded with empathy and compassion once she heard about this. In matters of seconds, she moved out of feeling victimized by his constant withdrawal and rejection. She had bought into not being enough, not being lovable, for very valid reasons. But now, she dropped her feelings of unworthiness and became curious about what was really going on for him.

Additionally, we cleared and removed this old belief and way of being in marriage, that blocked Amber’s husbands love to flow freely.

This shift in her awareness and the clearing in his energetic make-up opened up a whole new arena for them to explore new possibilities of how they want to relate to one another. The 25 year-old ingrained dynamic shifted on a dime.

I will keep you posted on how this is unfolding.

Thank you!