In this day and age, being in alignment with your true self – embracing all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you will be – is everything. Without inner alignment, there can be no movement because our entire planet is going through a great planetary shift. It calls us to make the corresponding shift within ourselves.

We are part of the planet; our physical bodies are closely tuned to the rhythms and nuances of the planet, so as the Earth calls for more precise alignment within itself, we as individuals cannot afford to be out of alignment with our true nature and the essence of our energetic self.

Coming into inner alignment is an intimate and deeply personal journey – and yet, it affects our outside world remarkably. Our financial, physical, mental and emotional health is affected, we become more productive, open-hearted, and able to receive. Our lives are enriched. The people we care for relax into our embrace. We experience a more profound and deep love.

Align and shine!